Covid-19 Guidance for Clubs

Information last updated: Thursday 10th September 2020, 17.30pm

Latest Government advice allows YFC’s to continue in the way they have been operating since the easement of the restrictions in July.

Youth organisations are exempt from the new “social gatherings” limits of 6 people. NFYFC will allow 15 members plus 2 leaders/officers to attend physical YFC meetings. Anything different to this will be breaking the law!


Guidance has been prepared by Yorkshire and National Federation of Young Farmers Clubs on how to run your club safely as we emerge from the widespread lockdown and closure of all clubs.

The guidance should be followed along with any Government local/national restrictions or advice including wearing of face masks, social distancing, track & trace etc.

It is paramount that members follow guidelines put in place to keep them and others around them (including vulnerable relatives) safe.

Operating your YFC safely

Whilst most club areas are amber status on the NFYFC Traffic Light System, some clubs will be under red status due to local restriction and therefore unable to meet.
The below video shows some important dos and don’ts and the steps you should take to keep all members safe

Covid-19 Resources & Templates

The documents/files below have been prepared to help you plan YFC meetings.

Further guidance notes will be added as available.