Covid-19 Guidance for Clubs

Information last updated: Wednesday 6th January 2021, 8.30pm


Guidance has been prepared by National Federation of Young Farmers Clubs taking advice from the NYA on how to run your club safely.

It is paramount that members follow guidelines put in place to keep them and others around them (including vulnerable relatives) safe. We don’t want members breaking the law.

Operating your YFC safely

Advice for YFCs in England 

From midnight on 4 January 2021, the Prime Minister imposed a national lockdown in England to help control the spread of the virus and has ordered people to stay at home. The NHS is at risk of being overwhelmed and the country’s alert level has now been positioned at its highest – level 5.

NFYFC has consulted with the National Youth Agency (NYA) – who have been working with the Department for Culture, Media and Sport – to ascertain what the impact of the new lockdown means for youthwork and, in particular, Young Farmers’ Clubs. 

The youth sector readiness level is now at RED for all of England for ALL age groups. The NYA guidance can be read here.

For YFC this means:

  • Support groups can only be provided for YFC members (of all ages) who are considered vulnerable – in groups of no more than 15, plus leaders/supervisors. Participants must be invited to attend/pre-booked to attend.
  • Only one support group is allowed in a venue at one time but you can have back-to-back meetings if thorough cleaning takes place. 
  • Community spaces can be opened for your meetings. 
  • 1-2-1 triage meetings with a vulnerable person can take place in a drop-in style session or via a pre-booked session. 
  • Trips, visits and residentials are not permitted. 

Other events that cannot be considered youthwork for the support of vulnerable people will require permission from local authorities and local police.  

We encourage all YFCs to keep any physical meetings to manage the charity to an absolute minimum and as short as possible.  We advise that these meetings are held online via video call.  We also advise against YFC membership activities during the lockdown unless these are essential to support vulnerable young people. Instead, all YFCs should run an online programme

Covid-19 Resources & Templates

Further guidance notes will be added as available. Please bear with us in updating this page as we have to wait for NFYFC to confirm any changes to how we can run meetings first which can take days from government announcements to filter down to us. If you want to keep abreast of the situation sooner then please keep an eye on who work with the government on what youth organizations can do.