Membership Forms

Suzie Sheep membership card exp 31.08.2022

Please find below the Membership Form for 2021-22.

  1. Download, print and complete your Membership Form.
  2. All members must enter their Emergency Contact details.
  3. For those under 18 parents must sign the front and complete the parent consent section on page 2.
  4. Hand your completed membership form to your Club Treasurer with a passport photo attached to the form (using a paperclip or staple).  Please write your name on the back of the photograph.
  5. Please return the complete A4 form, without cutting off the bottom slip.

All Membership Forms must be signed by the Club Treasurer prior to being sent into County Office.

We usually anticipate a two-week turnaround from receipt of the membership card form.  Membership cards will then be posted to the Club Treasurer – and only the Club Treasurer. No exceptions will be made. Members cannot collect their own card from County Office.

Sending Membership Forms by Email

Information for Club Treasurers only: when sending membership forms in by email, to ensure the photograph of the member is the correct size etc for the membership card, please use the below template.