Yorkshire Young Farmers is led by young people, for young people, the age frame to be a member is 10 to 26. The clubs, district and county also rely on members out of age to help with the running of meetings and events. But the voice we all listen to and want to hear is the members.

Young farmers is a fantastic opportunity for young people it is an organisation that is like no other. It gives young people the fantastic opportunity to meet lifelong friends, learn new skills, make a real difference to the local community and even travel the world!

This website shows the range of activities on offer with how to guides on how to run meetings, set up an event or help with club problems etc. Our members are never on their own and their is always a friendly ear at the end of the phone.

So why not join today, and remember you don’t need to be a farmer to join young farmers!!


Yorkshire Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs is a registered charity in England.
Registration Number: 504310

YFYFC County Officers

Your YFYFC County Officers County Chairman: Georgina Fort County Vice Chairmen: Ed Bentley & Tim Weatherhead County President: Mr Dave Scruton County Deputy President: Mr David Airey County Vice Presidents:  Tracy Maltby, Margaret Iveson, Stephen Jarvis, David Smith, Anne Harrison, Andrew Wilson, Mary Kidd, Kevin Kitchen YFYFC Honorary Life Members: Mrs R Airy, Mrs D Farndale, J … Continue reading YFYFC County Officers

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Field Development Team

The Field Team is here to support YFC members, officers and volunteers around the county.  We visit clubs and districts, delivering information, advice and guidance in order to help the Organisation run effectively and enable those running clubs to get the help that they need whilst still getting the most from their YFC experience. With … Continue reading Field Development Team

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The Yorkshire Federation is made up of 9 Districts, each with a varying number of Clubs. See below links to each District and see which Clubs they contain.

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Support Workers

Following the award of grant funding from Yorkshire Agricultural Society, we have been able to appoint Support Workers in 4 Districts around the County. These Support Workers have been tasked with supporting Clubs and Districts, increasing knowledge of YFC within Clubs and facilitating a wide range of activities with fun, learning and achievement. They are … Continue reading Support Workers

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Members A member is at the root of the YFC tree. This member will join a local club. Competing age for members is between ten and 26. Adult volunteers, who are elected, also help with club activities and in offering support to the running of the club. Clubs Club meetings are usually weekly and are … Continue reading Structure

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YFYFC Committees

The Yorkshire Federation is managed by the executive committee with three sub committees that do all the hands-on work Executive Committee (Don’t be scared off by the name!!) Chairman: Georgina Fort Vice Chairmen: Edward Bentley &  Tim Weatherhead What Does It Do? One of the first committees that you may be elected to is the … Continue reading YFYFC Committees

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County Office

Your County Office Team   Julie Spink – County Co-Ordinator Julie is a former Knaresborough YFC member from the olden days pre mobile phones, plasma screens and microwave dinners!  She keeps in touch with her local club by helping out at the Tractor Run as a road marshal.  Julie previously was a youth worker working … Continue reading County Office

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