YFYFC Committees

The Yorkshire Federation is managed by the executive committee with three sub committees that do all the hands-on workCommittees

Executive Committee

(Don’t be scared off by the name!!)

Chairman: Georgina Fort
Vice Chairmen: Edward Bentley &  Tim Weatherhead

What Does It Do?

One of the first committees that you may be elected to is the Yorkshire Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs’ Executive Committee. An “exec rep” shares the responsibility for the smooth running and the decision making of the federation. The county chairman, who is elected from the members of the committee, leads this committee. The committee normally meets four times a year to receive reports from sub committees and districts and approve or amend (if necessary) the decisions taken by the sub-committees.

Who Is On The Committee?

This committee is formed as follows:

  • Two members of each club
  • Four members of each district (these members should not already be on from clubs)
  • Members co-opted onto the committee (usually at the AGM)

There is a total of 161 voting members. In addition life members, vice presidents and co-options from outside bodies may attend, but cannot vote.

Sub Committees

Separate committees meet throughout the year to plan and organise specific parts of the organisation. These are:

  • Events, Finance and General Purposes Committee
  • Competitions Committee
  • Development and Marketing Committee
  • Yorkshire and East Yorkshire YFC Joint Great Yorkshire Show Committee

At your district AGM two members will be elected to each of these committees, with the exception of GYS Committee. As these committees are really sub-committees of the executive committee the members elected must be reps on the executive committee.

Events, Finance & General Purposes Committee

Chairperson: Tim Weatherhead
Vice Chairmen: Lois Abbey & Joe Holmes

The Events, Finance & General Purposes (E,F&GP) Committee reports to the Executive Committee and is responsible for:

  • Organisation of federation fundraising events including dances and dos
  • Financial management & budgetary control of the federation
  • Applications for grants
  • Sponsorship
  • Purchase of equipment
  • All areas relating to affiliation fees, legal procedures, membership returns, constitutional issues and expenses
  • All duties and responsibilities relating to Health & Safety legislation
  • Budget for the federation’s training output

Competitions Committee

Chairperson: Lauren Howe
Vice Chairmen: Mel Guy & Anna Booth

The Competitions Committee is responsible for:

  • Planning & budgeting of all YFYFC competitions
  • Dealing with the selection of teams for northern area and national competitions
  • Seeking sponsorship to cover the committees’ work
  • Ensuring technical standards are attained (in conjunction with development committee)
  • Encouraging member participation in all activities
  • Promotion and implementation of the International Programme
  • Encouraging countryside crafts & skills

Development & Marketing Committee

Chairperson: Laura Terry
Vice Chairmen:  2 vacancies

The Development & Marketing Committee is responsible for:

  • Planning, budgeting and administration of federation publications including the handbook and members’ news
  • Produce and evaluate a marketing plan
  • Assisting the federation in its promotion to the wider population
  • Providing advice & support for struggling clubs
  • Developing plans to maximise the recruitment of new members and retention of existing members
  • Supporting the development of new clubs