Stock Judging – How to…

Stock Judging is a staple of YFC, and always has been. But remember, not only do we judge stock, but most District/County Rallies will include Mystery or Novelty judging, which could include anything from coats or shoes, to machinery or chickens!

Click here to download our Stock Judging Training Booklet


A stock judging event is made up of 2 parts – placings and reasons.

Each ring/pen of stock you judge, you can score a maximum of 100 points

Placings – 50 points

Members will be asked to rank 4 animals in the order from 1st to 4th by looking and/or feeling them. The judge will always tell you what they are looking for – is it an animal fit for the butcher, or stores market.

Reasons – 50 points

Once you’ve got your order, you will be asked to give your “reasons” to the judge.

When judging 4 animals, you will be given 2 minutes to describe each of the animals and tell the judge why you have placed the animals in the order you have. You need to convince the judge you are correct!

When describing each animal, you should always compare to the others in the pen. You get points for comparing them, rather than just reading off a list of facts about each animal

Points and Scoring

The total points add up to 100. They are broken down as below:

  • Placings – 50 points
  • Reasons – 50 points
    • Accuracy of Observations – 25 points
    • Comparison – 15 points
    • Style and Ability – 10 points

Stock Judging Training

Are you new to stock judging, feeling a bit rusty, or want to go to that next level? Across Yorkshire Young Farmers, there will be a stock judging “expert” not far from you or your Club.

Please contact County Office so we can help arrange a tailored session for your Club.

Get to know more


AHDB have a wealth of stock judging guides and materials available for members to download for free from their website.

A Guide to Stock Judging

Judging Livestock Guides

Download the Stock Judging Guide

Scottish YFC

The Scottish Association of Young Farmers’ Clubs have kindly given Yorkshire members access to their Stock Judging videos, click the link below to be taken to their page;

SAYFC Stock Judging Videos