Public Speaking – How To…

Public speaking is a skill that you won’t learn much outside of YFC, but its an invaluable skill you’ll use more times than you’ll be able to count.

Use the below documents and video resources get a better understanding of the competition formats and requirements.

Public Speaking Training

Are you new to public speaking, a little rusty, or want to compete at a higher standard? Public speaking training is available from the Field Development Team to help you learn everything from the basics, to understanding competition rules and procedures.

Contact County Office to book some training for your Club or District.

Rules & Entry Forms

All competitions rules and entry forms are available on the Competitions area of the website.

Download a copy of the Rules Booklet here.

Public Speaking – Competition Classes

The below videos give examples of public speaking competitions. These have been taken from the National Finals.

Junior Reading

The team of three members will be required to read aloud a passage selected and provided by the Judge, in English and in front of an audience.

Junior Public Speaking

The team shall consist of a Chairman, Speaker and Proposer of the Vote of Thanks. The procedure will follow that of a normal YFC Club meeting.

Intermediate Brainstrust

Intermediate Just a Minute

Senior After Dinner Speaking

Senior Debating Competition

Situations Vacant

The Applicant will be required to choose their own job advertisement to apply for, which is relevant to them. All Applicants must submit the original job advertisement together with a CV and covering letter. 

Competitors will then attend an interview which will consist of specific questioning about the job being applied for and relevant requirements relating to the advertisement. Questions will also focus on life experiences and will be structured around the form “Tell me about a time when you …..“ (Eg: “Tell me about a time when you had to meet a deadline).

Applicants should consider the Situation (What was happening), Task (What was required), Action (What did YOU do) and the Result (What was the outcome) when answering. 

Junior Member of the Year

PART 1 – 28 DAYS prior to the National Final competitors will be required to submit to the Competitions Department at NFYFC a completed synopsis form to be no more than 2 sides of A4, which will show details of their YFC activities. It is recommended that this form be used at County and Area level. (Special emphasis should be placed on their involvement at Club level).

PART 2 – Competitors will give a Powerpoint presentation about their YFC experiences for between 3 and 10 minutes to a panel of judges.

Competitors in the national finals will be invited to join the Youth Forum and contribute to the shaping of the YFC movement.

Senior Member of the Year

The objective of the competition is to select a member who has shown that they are involved in all aspects of the YFC Movement. Judges will be looking for:

  • Involvement at Club level for period of membership
  • Overall YFC involvement (i.e. Club, County, Area or National)
  • Specific involvement in activities in the previous 12 months (conservation, competitions, recruitment, programming, charity, sport, club officer)
  • General commitment to YFC – awareness of fellow members’ interests in YFC and objective view of the future of the organisation
  • Knowledge of the YFC movement at Club, County, Area and National levels and to share that knowledge over the 12 month period following the final