County Rally 2021 – Results

Thank You

Thank you to all our members for taking part in the Virtual County Rally 2021. We of course could not have done this without our judges, stewards and scorers – so thank you!!

It may not have been a normal rally, but it’s been great to see such a high standard of competition – good luck to any members going through to Northern Area Field Day at the end of June.


Well done to everyone who has taken part. Full results booklet will be available online over the next week or so once compiled and published.

Overall Club results:

  1. Worth Valley (144 Points)
  2. Holme Valley (88 Points)
  3. Boroughbridge (43 Points)

Stock Judging Summing Up

Watch the below videos to get feedback on the judge’s order and reasons. Judges have also given some very helpful feedback and pointers.


Judge Rachel Gilder placed the 4 beef cattle in the order BXYA.


Judges Georgina Fort & David Minish placed the 4 dairy cows in the order BAYX.

Breeding Ewes

Judges Robin Booth & Ian Close placed the 4 swaledale ewes in the order BAXY.

Junior Breeding Sheep Summing Up

Intermediate & Senior Breeding Sheep Summing Up


Judge Roger Charnley placed the 4 sticks, suitable for a shepherd, in the order XBAY.

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