NFYFC Guidance on clubs meeting

Please find the guidelines below created by NFYFC for clubs to resume YFC Activities. I have highlighted key points for you to consider whether it is worth your club meeting in person or to carry on doing weekly meetings virtually. I would recommend you read the full document.

-If lockdown is introduced into your area or nationally, yfc will halt once again
you must communicate with your members and parents of members with the precautions you are taking

-You must have a risk assessment, hand wash facilities, social distancing measures and an attendance book

-Whether you are indoors or outdoors you can only operate in bubbles of 15 members plus 2 club leaders. They must remain in these bubbles week by week. If someone in the bubble becomes ill it is only those in the bubble who isolate for 14 days

-Check the venue is open and adapted to COVID-19 restrictions, check the venue has room to accommodate the bubble of people whilst maintaining social distancing.

-Ask the venue about their cleaning routines and any areas out of bounds
your management/trustees are the ones who must make sure the club is adhering to the government guidelines

Like I said above please read the guides fully as don’t want to put any members or club leaders at risk. Please make sure that any club leaders or members that are being told to shield by the government can still be involved virtually.

I know the majority of our clubs have more then 15 members so it is up to you how you operate. Either do yfc over a couple of nights or a shorter meeting and have time slots for the different bubbles

This guide has been set by NFYFC not YFYFC
Covid secure guidance for YFCs – England – Issue One 10 July 2020

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